Meskotech Services

Meskotech, Inc. provides custom controls solutions for process control, equipment automation. These systems are designed to fit your needs.


PLC-based Controls Systems

Our standard PLC-based control have been designed to provide an off-the-shelf solution to our customers. These panels are ready to be programmed for your specific application offering a wide range input and outputs for process automation and equipment controls. One of our options includes a small, low-cost control panel that has 8 inputs, 4 outputs and a small HMI if needed We also provide control panels with a large number of inputs and outputs for larger, more complex applications.


Product Embedded Controls

These custom controls systems are designed for product functional controls. We design these custom solutions for our customers to integrate into their equipment and end products. These systems can be applied to a wide range of industries including, but not limited to healthcare, manufacturing, automotive and agriculture to control critical tools, machines, and equipment. Meskotech's embedded solutions involve the use of microprocessor based circuit boards along with custom firmware developed to meet our customers' needs.


Software and Firmware Development

PLC, PC and embedded system-based software and firmware development for process, equipment, and product controls. These applications are custom developed based on the customer's functional requirements and can be built on .Net, Java, or other platforms.


Relay Logic-based Controls Panels

Some may say that relay logic is a thing of the past. Here at Meskotech we value the robustness and reliability that relay-based systems can offer. When flexibility is not a must and reliability is paramount, we often recommend using relay-based logic instead of programmable controllers. Although less flexible, these systems still have a place in controls solutions as they offer the highest level of reliability and should be considered for applications requiring the highest level of uptime and robustness.


Mechanical Design and Fabrication

Meskotech provides mechanical equipment 3D CAD design, engineering analysis, and fabrication involving CNC machining, cutting, welding, and assembly to go along with our automation capabilities. Meskotech can provide a complete automation solution to our customer for projects involving both mechanical and electrical systems.


CE Certification

Our comprehensive CE certification service includes all the necessary testing and documentation to achieve certification. Our engineers will assist with all the required mechanical and electrical testing and changes needed to meet the CE certification requirements. CE certification testing can be performed in our Michigan office, our United Kingdom office, or at the customer's facility. Get your CE certification for as low as $3000.

Example Projects