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Controls for product and process automation

What makes our electrical controls solutions different?

Meskotech, Inc. provides custom and off-the-shelf PLC and relay logic-based controls systems. These systems are perfect for process and equipment automation and offer a cost-effective, robust solution to our customers. However, unlike most controls companies, Meskotech also provides embedded controls solutions that are microprocessor-based. These systems are designed to be integrated in end-user products or can be used to provide functional features to standalone equipment or processes. Our embedded systems use a small footprint circuit board and can come with an LCD touch screen for a user-friendly interface when needed. Most of our embedded controls solutions are used for product controls but can also be used for equipment with space limitations that cannot accommodate a full control panel. They can also be used for products that require very low power consumption.

Product Controls Development

Meskotech, Inc. offers standard, as well as custom controls solutions. We begin by analyzing our customers' controls functional requirements and propose solutions that can be as simple as a relay-logic board or as complex as a custom microcontroller-based design, including hardware and firmware, capable of interfacing with a wide range of analog and digital sensors, inputs and outputs. A touch screen can also be integrated into our designs to provide a user-friendly interface when needed. Our hardware and software libraries have been developed over the years to accommodate multiple communication protocols such as CAN, TCP IP, and ModBus. We have the in-house expertise to also integrate or develop other communication protocols.

Our Expertise

Controls panel
Controls Engineering

PLC, relay, microcontroller and PC-based controls including control panel design and build, and software development for a wide range of applications

Software Engineering

PLC ladder logic, .net application development, and C++ for embedded firmware development.

CAD and Mechanical

Most of our systems are 3D modelled using AutoCad or similar CAD software.

Customer focus
Customer Focus

Our team members have one common goal: providing the best possible service and controls solutions at an affordable price to ensure our customers' success. We deliver!