Our Services

Meskotech, Inc. provides electrical and controls engineering services for process automation, product testing systems, and product controls.

We provide custom, as well as off-the-shelf controls development services to a wide range of industries. Meskotech offers a variety of controls system solutions, including PLC, relay, microcontroller, and PC-based. We have developed standard panels for our off-the-shelf solutions to provide our customers with cost effective options with the best possible performance. These panels use standard off-the-shelf hardware that has been validated for robustness and reliability. Meskotech also provides custom PLC and PC-based software for test stands, controls data collection and data acquisition. Our embedded solutions are optimized for integration into our customers' products and can come with a high resolution touch LCD screen to provide a user friendly interface and experience.

Control panel automation
Test Equipment

Product continuity and functional test systems using PLC, PC, and relay-based controls.

Process automation
Process Automation

PLC and PC-based process automation and monitoring. 

Circuit board
Product Embedded Controls

Product embedded controls and automation using microprocessor-based circuit boards and touch screens

Software automation controls
PC-based Automation Software

Custom software development for process automation and data collection.


Meskotech's creative, yet simple, solutions are designed to provide the best possible reliability and robustness.


Our Customers

Meskotech was first established in 1996 and has over the years provided engineering services and solutions to a wide range of industries. 

Product Testing

Product Manufacturer Control panel automation

Product functional and continuity test stands using both PC and PLC-based controls with server interface and test result reporting. Solutions included CAN, LIN, A/D, PWM, and high speed signal processing.

Process Automation

Equipment Manufacturer

PLC-based equipment and manufacturing process automation. Projects included liquid level control, machine controls, production process automation and others.

Embedded Product Controls

Medical and Light Industrial Product controls touch screen

Circuit board and touch screen systems for end-user product control and equipment automation. Embedded firmware with web server and other remote access capabilities.

Software Development

Advanced Automation and Testing PLC automation

PLC and PC-based software development for product testing, equipment and process automation. Firmware development for microprocessor embedded solutions for product electronics and equipment controls. Communication protocol integration (e.g., CAN, LIN, TCPIP, RS232, RS485)